BiT is a ReSTful JSON API that allows anyone to quickly and easily integrate their existing systems with the blockchain.

Within these pages you can find documentation, simple code snippets and working examples to speed your integration and also help you understand the scope and utility of BiT.

How to use this guide

There are three ways you can use BiT, listed below. Within each section is a list of the functional "plugins" that are available. Click through to the area you are interested in. The working samples integrate with the Blockpool test system.

BiT Open

We provide some endpoints free of authentication; these are our "Open" endpoints

You call these without having to provide any header information; they are read only and are designed to support your use via our other APIs

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Secured (PaaS)

This API, when used in conjunction with valid credentials, provides access to functions on wallets including creating wallets, sending funds and tracking balances.

Within these pages you will find working examples of each call that is available.

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